Geotechnical Investigation

STCI have achieved prominence in geotechnical investigations and offers consulting services across the full range of civil engineering projects. Our expertise includes field investigations, using geological and geophysical techniques with instiu measurements of the enginnering properties of rock and soil.
Laboratory measurements of the properties of engineering materials and soil. Analysis and designs of excavations, pavements, underground openings, embankments and slopes, including support and anchoring systems.
Geotechnical instrumentation including design of preloading area and foundation. Offshore studies and drilling in water ground engineering analysis including complete geometry, application of different analytical methods, hydraulic conditions, surcharge and loading conditions, soil reinforcement, complex soil profile, layered soil profile.

Major Projects:

- Al Asima Tower
- Arraya Tower
- Al Hamra Tower
- PAHW Ahmed Al Jaber City
- Khairan Pearl City
- NBK Tower Kuwait City
- Moritaniya new city planning
- Faw Lraq pipeline project
- Qurain Geo Environment Work
- ALBA tower Kuwait.